Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is It Safe To Use Woolite In He Washers

The disabled? According to Tremonti block competitiveness.

published in full the letter of Louis appeared yesterday on the English Republic. The sensitivity of the issue deserves serious reflection by all of us who are less informed about certain outrageous statements of government leaders.
Finally, I emphasize the danger of certain statements especially when they will "make marriage" with economic theories.

As a young disabled person who studies, works (I am a PhD student in computer engineering) and pays taxes, I find it astonishing and offensive that the Minister of Finance considers the 2.7 million disabled people Italian a " block for the system productive. "
I thought something like the thought only the Nazis, fascists and those Spartans who threw the children maimed from the rocks! Or do you think, Mr. Minister, that we are all privileged because we perceive a meager allowance from the state, and that does not really deserve anything and we would rather fend for themselves (as indeed we already do, given that some subsidies can not cover all many additional expenses that must support a disabled person in daily life)? The reality is that a government incapable of providing the country's competitiveness, he does not know or rather do not want to hit the real importance (evaders, corporations, corrupt, and corrupting, managers from the lavish salaries, those living annuity fund and pay less taxes of those who work), try to keep the support of public opinion and spreading fears criminalizing certain "categories". He was touched for immigrants, government employees, teachers, to the south. Now it's up to the disabled. The truth is that this country will be competitive even with 2.7 million people with disabilities will be granted if and only if compared to those with disabilities and equal opportunities.
The real handicap for Italy is rather like having ministers on. Tremonti!
I doubt that we will never have to apologize Mr disabled. Tremonti or his press office, but I think it is still the duty to express their outrage. I hope that the press (to whom I send this letter for information) contributes to denounce the absurdity and danger of certain statements.

Luigi English


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